All the way back in 1979, Carlo's One Night Stand opening in Missoula for the very first time, and has stuck it out over the course of 42 years to become a local favorite. But now, it's time is coming to an end.

That's because owner Max Gilliam has decided to close his retail store, located on 3rd street in the Hip Strip area of Missoula, after over four decades in business.

If you've never been to Carlo's, the store is a thrift shop with a wide selection of vintage clothing and costumes, often collected through local rummage sales. Gilliam estimates that, over the years, he's sold about $5 million worth of clothing at the store.

Now here's the good news - as a business, Carlo's One Night Stand will still go on. After he gradually downsizes and gets rid of some of his vast inventory, Gilliam plans to switch to online-only sales through his website via Etsy.

So you'll still be able to support Carlo's, you just won't be able to visit a physical location. Carlo's actually shared their building with Bathing Beauties Beads, who recently relocated to another part of town after a new dispensary outbid their rent.

Downtown Missoula is a changing place, and the loss of a longtime business like Carlo's One Night Stand is a big hit for the locals who loved it. You'll be able to catch Gilliam holding the first of his major rummage sales to get rid of his inventory at the Roxy Garden this Friday and Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM.

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