Missoula is a treasure trove of affordable thrift stores, filled with unique finds. Whether you're hunting for second-hand winter clothes, stylish Miss Me shorts with bedazzled back pockets, vintage jewelry, or chic furniture, Missoula’s diverse shops have it all. Discover a world of cool, one-of-a-kind items in this thrifter’s paradise.

I have gotten a majority of my closet from the Missoula Goodwill and Restyle clothes and I have even gotten a lot of furniture from the Donation Warehouse. Most of the jewelry I have purchased her in Missoula is from the Loose Moose. I have explored so many different thrift shops around Missoula and I have purchased something from every single shop.

The Impressive Clash of Aesthetics

I love thrifting in Missoula because Missoula combines hippies and country folk there is a wide variety of options. If someone is like me and cannot stick to one style, Missoula has the best thrift shops because there are so many options.

Save the Environment

Thrifting is better for the environment than going to many chain stores. Stores like Forever 21, and H&M, and online shops like Shein are considered fast fashion. These clothes are made at rapid rates, with cheaper materials, and employees are being underpaid. Thrifting is an eco-friendly alternative compared to buying from fast fashion chains. The clothes are made by more environmentally safe brands and one can find vintage clothing from decades ago.

Thrift shops are a wonderful way to personalize style. Thfit shops often sell clothes that have been discontinued or are difficult to find in stores. Thrifting has made me personalize my style and realize that I don’t need to have one specific “aesthetic.” One day I can be wearing my bedazzled jeans and the next day I could be wearing a lacy dress that is considered gothic.

There are many gems and here are some of my best finds from thrift shops in Missoula.

Jewels Found at Missoula Thrift Shops

90% of my closet is from Missoula thrift shops and here are some gems I have found at the thrift

Gallery Credit: By Nicole Service

Great Options for Used and Second Hand Stores in Missoula

Missoula Montana embraces sustainable shopping and there are many good options for finding used and secondhand goods in town.

Gallery Credit: Ashley

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