I lived in Ireland for six months and during my stay, I had a greater appreciation of the United States, especially Montana. Also speaking with many different Europeans I have realized that if they did spend six months in Montana they would probably have culture shock so bad they would need to sit down.

Malfunction Junction

Connecting Brooks Street, South Ave, and Russel Street I think that even in an automatic car this would make anyone from Europe get nervous driving in Missoula.

Reserve Street

Even moving from out of state and driving down Reserve Street made my heart rate go up. If a European had to make an unprotected left turn into the parking lot it would make them be missing their round-a-bouts.

The Scooters at Walmart

I think if a European wasn’t already shocked walking into the aisles upon aisles of stuff in Walmart when they would see they can drive a scooter with a basket to shop would make their mind explode.

Lifted Trucks

If you go anywhere in Montana you will see some sort of lifted truck. We don’t bat an eye, but a European would be amazed at the size and height of the truck.

Stockman’s Bar

I feel like I don’t need an explanation for this one. Stock’s is so American I think that any European would be leaving there with a mountain accent.

Any Paddleheads Game

Baseball is not a thing in Europe, I think any sort of baseball game would be a shock to a European, but a Paddlehead’s game with fireworks? I think that because the fireworks are so close it would freak any European out.

The Griz Games

This one is also self-explanatory. If a European came for Cat-Griz though, they would be in for a treat. Go Griz!

The Oxford

Having classic American food with ranch would be a positive life-changing experience for any European. (Ranch is not a thing in Europe.)

Buffalo Wild Wings During A Big Game

Bdubs is already a crazy place, but the environment of excitement during a big game is electrifying.

American Flags EVERYWHERE

Take a look around there are American flags all over Missoula you cannot go down one street without seeing one. Nobody is as patriotic as Americans.

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