I was talking to my aunt the other day and she asked me if she was too old to get a nose piercing. I said absolutely not, you’re never too old for a new piercing. However, when getting a new piercing there is the best time of year so it heals correctly.

After getting any piercing, the piercer gives you an aftercare sheet that tells you you can’t sweat too much, how many times a day to clean it, and how long it will take to heal. Montanan piercers are required by law to give both written and verbal aftercare instructions.

What I have realized speaking to friends and from personal experience, the best time to get a piercing is from August to December. In the summertime, piercings are fun to get and show off, but the healing process is not as linear compared to other seasons. People are more active in the summer so swimming and excessive exercise like hiking slow down the healing process.

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January through April are not good times to get piercings because during those months it is cold and a lot of time for the piercing to heal, but the air is so dry. My piercings from February are still healing five months later.

All that being said everyone’s bodies react to piercings differently. This is all from my personal experience and the experiences of those around me. I would say get a piercing if it so speaks to you. You’re never too old for a piercing. Consult your piercer always and know

Missoula has options to get piercings and if you love getting piercings like me you might even find a particular piercer that you are fond of.

Altered Skin Tattoo and Body Piercing

103 Brooks Street


Brightside Body Art

1555 Liberty ln UNIT C1


406 Art and Soul

2347 South Ave #A


5th Street Ink

1701 S 5th St W


L.C. Body Art Boutique


2704 Brooks St. E

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