I've wanted to do an escape room for a while but can never seem to find other willing participants. Whenever we have visitors in town, Big Sky Breakout here in Missoula is always one of the first things I suggest for an activity. All the different game options look fun and it seems like it would be a great way to spend time with family or friends.

Oh no! Say it ain't so!

Well, if you're like me and have wanted to visit Big Sky Breakout but never have, it looks like your window is closing. The company posted a letter to their website and social media today that broke the news of their upcoming closure.

Big Sky Breakout will be closing its doors this year. The pandemic has hit our business harder than we want to admit. We thought we made it through the worst, but even still, we can't continue.

Another business hit hard by COVID-19

The letter goes on to say that in addition to the community the last two years have been a struggle for the owners and employees as well. It says the owners "are tired and it shows." I can only imagine the struggle it's been to run a customer-driven business over the last two years and it seems like it would be even harder for something like an escape room.

Thoughts and well wishes after the announcement

People have taken to the comment section of Big Sky Breakout's post to share their thoughts on the announced closure. Some of the early replies include:

- My heart is broken! I loved your games and have fond memories of your business. I am just so sorry to hear this

- I loved this place! We are from Utah and came to Missoula for school! When family came we took them here and everyone says it is the best breakout room they have done to Date! Thanks for a fun memory we’ll never forget.

- I'm really sad to hear this. I've been a number of times and loved it every time. I wish you and your family the best and hope to be playing one of your games again soon.

- I am so, so sad to hear this! What a big loss for our community! Reading your letter broke my heart, as I can feel your exhaustion and the heartache as I read it.

You still have time to book an escape room

The plan right now is for Big Sky Breakout to be open through November so you can still check it out for the first time or just one more time. The other bit of news from the owner's letter is that they plan to put the games and business belongings in storage with the idea that someone else may want to eventually take it over. They say their time has come to an end but they would love to see the business live on.

Hopefully, somebody will step up and decide to take over the business. We'll share any future news as it becomes available.

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