Yep, you read that headline right - it's yet another closure to a beloved spot happening in Missoula. We've already lost - or are about to lose - The Hub, Sparkle Laundry, The Staggering Ox, and Mountain Time Bowls and Buns (and that's all just in the last few weeks). Now, one of Missoula's favorite breakfast and lunch spots on Higgins is closing its doors for good.

The Hob Nob on Higgins is Closing After 20 Years in Business

When I first moved to Missoula and didn't know a ton of places, I was asking for recommendations from every person I could find. And when I asked where I should go for a good breakfast, pretty much everybody would mention the Hob Nob in their list of suggestions.

The Hob Nob quickly became one of my favorites in town - so when I saw this news on Facebook over the weekend, I audibly gasped and couldn't believe what I was reading.

The Hob Nob is closing down, and that news is going to be a supreme bummer for a lot of people in Missoula. If you've never had their banana bread french toast, you owe it to yourself to make it out there before they officially close and grab some.

How Long Do We Have?

The good news is that the Hob Nob has made their closure announcement in advance - there have been plenty of places in recent months that just vanished without a word, so it's nice to have a little warning. They plan to officially close their doors on November 14th, so you've got just under a month to get there one last time.

And the reason for the closure? The Facebook post mentions that their lease was up, but it also makes it sound like the owners were just ready to retire. In any case, we wish them all the best - it's not easy to become a fixture of the community the way the Hob Nob has been for so many years.

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