We've been hearing about so many closures in Missoula over the last few weeks - from Caffe Dolce to The Staggering Ox to Taco John's and more. So it's kind of nice to see the news that a local favorite may be closing, but it'll only be gone for a short time.

The Missoulian reports that The Empanada Joint in Missoula is closing their brick-and-mortar store for the entire month of October - but it's not because of supply issues or a worker shortage or any of the other reasons that most other places have shut down or cut back on hours. It's actually because the storefront is doing some remodeling.

They announced the temporary closure on Facebook on October 1st.

So How Do You Get Your Empanada Joint Fix?

I'm betting some Missoulians actually didn't even know about the Empanada Joint's restaurant building, and are more familiar with them by seeing their food truck at every major event that takes place in town. So good news, while the restaurant is closed, the food truck will still be out and about.

You'll be able to catch their food truck hanging out at Draught Works Brewery on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the month of October from 5 to 8 PM.

And then, starting in November, you'll be able to check out the redesigned building next time you get that craving for empanadas. To keep tabs on their progress (or just to know where the food truck is going to be), you can follow them on their Facebook page.

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