It feels like every other day, we're hearing news about another business here in Missoula closing down permanently, and often pretty suddenly. Should we run down the list from just the last few weeks?

Look At All These Missoula Businesses That Are Suddenly Disappearing

We got word that The Hub in Missoula was closing a couple of weeks ago.

The Giggle Box at the Southgate Mall shut down (though, at least, that was planned from the beginning).

The owner of Fred's Lounge retired and closed down the business (but threw a pretty rad going away party).

The Taco John's on Broadway mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

The Staggering Ox has announced its closure for December.

And the Caffe Dolce on Brooks is now closed to the public.

Now, You Can Add Mountain Time Bowls And Buns To The List

Reports from The Missoulian indicate that Mountain Time Bowls and Buns is most likely closed permanently. There's pretty much zero concrete information online anywhere - no social media posts, no updates to their website, nothing.

I tried to call Mountain Time but the phone didn't ring - I got a message from Verizon saying the call could not be completed as dialed. I then called Pizzeria Gina, which is owned by the same person who owns Mountain Time, and got a message there saying that all of their businesses are at least temporarily closed due to ongoing supply and worker shortages.

But the Mountain Time building is apparently totally empty now, which isn't a great sign. Hopefully, they take to the internet to update people on what exactly is happening, but it looks like Mountain Time Bowls and Buns could be closed for good.

Were you a fan of Mountain Time Bowls and Buns? Are you sad to see them go?

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