It's been a long and storied history for The Old Post here in Missoula - so much so that, in order to convey this story properly, I really need to give you the full recap.

The Lengthy Saga Of The Old Post In Missoula

So back in October 2019, we found out - very suddenly - that The Old Post was closing down for good.

But then, just about a year after that, we discovered that a new owner had purchased The Old Post and was planning on reopening with the original name intact, but taking on a whole new look.

A couple months later, in December 2020, The Old Post officially reopened... although only for takeout at first, because of, y'know, COVID.

But as the months went on, they were able to actually open the building and even host some live music, too. You'd think that would be the end of the story, right?

Nope! Back in June, The Old Post announced that it was closing down again - but assured people that it was just a temporary closure, and that they would be back.

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So What's Happening At The Old Post Now?

So that pretty much brings you up to speed to today - the temporary closure ended up lasting for the entire summer, which is much longer than we thought it was going to be. But good news, The Old Post is now officially reopen... again!

Digging through some older Facebook comments, it looks like The Old Post had to resubmit for their liquor license and it took longer than expected - so their choice was either to stay open without liquor or keep renovating the place.

But now they're back - with a limited menu and limited hours for the time being, but they're working on hiring full-time staff to get the place up and running.

Are you excited to pay a visit to The Old Post now that they're finally reopen for the second time?

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