Missoula loves Earth Day, and there are several activities in 2023 that you can be a part of in addition to all the ways there are to recycle, reduce, and reuse in Missoula.

  • Missoula Urban Demonstration Project Earth Day Celebration 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm.
  • Run for the Tress from Run Wild Missoula and Missoula Parks & Recreation 10:00am
  • All Under One Roof, Missoula Public Library, spectrUM Discovery Area, Families First Learning Lab, UM Living Lab, and Missoula's Community Media Resource 10:30am - 6:00pm. 

But let's talk about ways to be sustainable in Missoula because every little bit helps. If you've ever lived anywhere else, you know that opportunities to recycle, reduce and reuse vary from city to city, and state to state, even country to country.

So here's a roundup of some of the great ways Missoula does its part to take care of the Earth, even when it's not Earth Day.

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash
Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Recycling in Missoula

Missoula Recycling Center

Self-service, free recycling is available 24/7 at their location on West Broadway, but Republic Services also has options for residential and commercial recycling.

Pacific Recycling

The steel and recycling company prides itself on its sustainability. "We even sell our scrap metal back to US steel mills and in turn buy back those products for future use and sales– reducing our impact and keeping those products within America. Plus– we’re 100% employee owned."

eMontana - Computer Recycling

Their recycling includes all matters of e-waste, which they define on their website, but they ask consumers to call them about medical, telecom or industrial electronics equipment.

Recycling Works

One of the hardest things to recycle in Montana is glass, but thankfully Recycling Works takes glass (and is the only recycling program in western Montana to do so, according to their website). Bonus, they're a major compost collector, too.

attachment-Mountain Line 2 via Facebook
Credit: Mountain Line via Facebook

Reducing in Missoula

Climate Smart Missoula

This non-profit organization has been working since 2015 to "reduce our carbon footprint and build a resilient Missoula" but really came about after a series of summits convened by the Mayor and the City of Missoula. Check out their website for volunteer opportunities at some of your favorite Missoula events.They are also a partner in making the River City Roots Festival as green as possible.

Missoula in Motion

Missoula in Motion is a program from the City of Missoula focused on sustainable transportation and has great resources for commuters and your everyday Missoulians. The Way to Go! Missoula (WTG!M) tool helps people to find routes and takes advantage of gamification with achievement badges and commute statistics, too. They also have specific resources depending on how you travel (walk, bike, transit, carpool, vanpool, and telecommute).

Mountain Line

Probably the easiest way to do your part for the environment in Missoula is to ride the Mountain Line, Missoula's mass transit system. Not only is there a zero-fare system, meaning you don't have to pay, but 40 percent of Moutain Line buses are electric.

Photo by Hugo Clément on Unsplash
Photo by Hugo Clément on Unsplash

Reusing in Missoula


If you're not sure you want to take on the challenge of composting or don't have the space to do it, you can subscribe to local organizations that will help you with composting. Try Missoula Compost, Soil Cycle Missoula, or Garden City Compost.

Upcycled - Missoula

Art created from found materials is not only helpful to the environment but oftentimes is incredibly creative. The Upcycled gift shop on Higgins features clothes, jewelry, wallets, coasters and other upcycled items that tickle the imagination.

SOS Fair - Winter Gear Swap

Find a pair of skis you're not using? Hold on to them until the fall. Held for the first time in 1968, skiers have been swapping gear for over 50 years, helping to make skiing a more sustainable sport in Missoula, and helping skiers keep costs down when buying new gear.

Free Cycles Missoula

This community bike shop not only spruces up unused bicycles and sells them at affordable prices, but they also have an open shop where you can fix your bike with their tools and guidance. Not to mention, free bikes for kids 10 and under. Score.

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Their slogan really says it all: "We make clothes that are unlike any other, for people that are unlike any other, in a way that is unlike any other." A sustainable fashion company, Youer's fabrics are made from "recycled alternatives." Currently, they're headquartered in Missoula, and soon their production will happen in Montana, too.

Great Options for Used and Second Hand Stores in Missoula

Missoula Montana embraces sustainable shopping and there are many good options for finding used and secondhand goods in town.

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