It feels like we're teetering on the edge of things totally blowing up again when it comes to live events being able to be held. The daily number of COVID cases for Montana alone are at numbers we haven't seen since the end of last year. Schools are requiring masks, companies across the country are requiring them, and I've noticed an increase in the number of store employees and customers that are wearing masks again. It was a welcome sight when concerts and events with crowds made their return in the earlier part of the year. But Are we going to take a major step backwards and see more events shut down as the weather changes and indoor crowds are frowned upon?

I went to a couple outdoor concerts this summer and I didn't feel too concerned with the crowd situation. But I also went to a football game inside a stadium and a comedy show inside a showroom in Vegas. And I'll admit, the indoor events did make me a little more conscious about things and a bit more worried. Maybe it was a mental thing where the outdoor shows at least had fresh air and a bit more room. Sitting next to strangers while indoors just made me sit there and think "ugh, I don't know if this person has been vaccinated, if they're sick right now, if they've already had COVID, if they had some symptoms yesterday or even this morning......"

One way that some artists and promotors have decided to move forward with shows for now is to require everyone to either be vaccinated or to pass a COVID test within days of the show being held. That seems to have worked well for most shows in most states.....until now with a couple dates in Montana. Tennis is a band that had shows scheduled in Bozeman and Missoula at the end of the month. They also happen to be requiring proof of vaccination or negative COVID tests within 72 hours of the show for anyone attending. But if you remember, Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte issued an order that prohibits businesses from requiring customers to show they've been vaccinated before allowing entry. And because of that, Tennis has canceled their two shows in Montana.

Things are still a bit touchy when it comes to concerts. Some major acts have already announced that they won't proceed with their tour plans that were scheduled through the fall. Will we see more shows be canceled because of COVID testing issues like the ones that have just happened in Montana? Are the rising case numbers going to cause indoor performances to be canceled as we move through the later months of the year? Are outdoor events in danger of being put on hold again? Just today, Seattle announced that anyone five or older at an outdoor event with more than 500 people must wear a mask.

There was so much excitement when things opened up in the spring. What will the next few months bring when it comes to concerts, sporting events, and more? Right now, it's not looking too promising.

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