This argument could be one of the biggest debates we've ever had. The topic is near and dear to many Montanans throughout the state. 

Lovefood published a list of The Most Historic Fast Food Join in Every State, and for Montana, it's a surprising choice. The parameters for the list were established as a fast-food restaurant that has been in constant business since they opened and had to be over forty years old. Here in Montana, we have so many restaurants of that caliber, that's a tough choice to pick one. 

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Lovefood picked RB Drive-In in Helena, Montana as the most historic fast food joint in Montana. RB Drive-In opened back in 1948 and is known for three things, burgers, shakes, and fried fish. RB Drive-In a few years ago looked like the beloved fast-food joint might close but went under new ownership and revitalized the business. 

Even though RB Drive-In is a fantastic choice for this list, Montana is covered with classic fast-food joints that could have easily edged out RB Drive-In. 

First off, there is Mark's In & Out in Livingston. Mark's has been open since 1954 and is a Gallatin Valley icon during the summer. I go there at least twice a summer to get those delicious burgers.

Then there are Royse's Hamburgers in Butte, Montana. That spot has been open since 1971 and still has the classic drive-in feel. Then there is Richwine's Burgerville in Polson, Montana, which has been in business for over sixty years. Burgerville was a staple of my youth growing up in Polson and was a perfect summer snack. 

Montana has a lot of history with food, and we love and respect these old-school fast-food joints. If you are traveling around this summer, give one a chance. 

For more details, check out Lovefood

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