Well, this was some unfortunate news to see today. It feels like we were just starting to feel the excitement about this year's UM Homecoming parade and now the word has come down that it won't be happening. Your first thought would probably be that COVID-19 concerns were behind the cancellation - and that would be a guess that would probably make you correct more times than not. But the reason for no parade this year is the continued construction on the Beartracks Bridge.

Just last month we were sharing details about the return of the parade - and we mentioned that construction on the bridge was actually the reason that registration was being delayed. At the time, organizers were "working with city and state officials to iron out the logistics of the parade route." But it looks like they must not have been able to reach an agreement about what route the parade would take.

What a bummer! Not only would it be a great day of fun after not having a parade last year, but add in the excitement of that huge upset win over Washington that has Griz fans jacked about the rest of the season! And we're sad because here at the radio stations, we love taking the station vehicles out and being part of the festivities - it's so fun to see everyone lining the streets.

Although there's no parade - it looks like the other events that make up Homecoming Week will go on as planned.

Unfortunate news, for sure. But would we really want to hold the parade if it didn't include crossing the bridge and heading down Higgins? It just wouldn't feel the same. Let's get all this bridge construction behind us (and COVID while we're at it) so we can get back to having our fun with parades and marathons in Missoula!

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