Throughout the pandemic, the number of workers that prefer to work remotely has grown substantially. Much of the growth Montana has experienced lately has been a result of people moving to the state to work remotely.

If you are interested in learning more about working remotely in Montana, here's some good news. Montana State University Extension is offering a remote work certification course every month in 2022 except July and December.

According to a press release, the course will provide knowledge and skills for individuals interested in learning more about working from home so that they can potentially access higher-paying jobs while remaining in their communities.

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More than 50 Montanans have already taken the month-long course since it was first introduced last May. You can learn about online tools common to remote work as well as skills crucial to working with a remote team, such as written communication, problem-solving, time management, collaboration, goal setting, organization and accountability. The course is delivered in a self-paced, online format, which includes four discussion-based virtual workshops.

You can register for the next class through February 2, 2022. The course costs $199. The course requires approximately 30 hours to complete or about 6-8 hours per week over the 4-week course. Requirements to participate include reliable access to broadband internet, a web camera and microphone, and basic computer skills.

MSU Extension faculty will help guide participants through the course, then workforce counselors from Job Service of Montana help graduates find a remote job.

If you are interested in learning more about taking a remote work certification course, you can find important details, course dates, and registration information here.

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