You ever think about how we're living in the future? Every day, I wake up and check the small mini-computer I keep in my pocket that houses more information than I could ever learn in my lifetime. It seems like every week we hear about some insane scientific breakthrough like realistic artificial intelligence or a manned space mission or you find out that a businessman is cloning dinosaurs and plans to open an amusement park with them (this may have been a movie, but also, I'm pretty sure Elon Musk is working on that as we speak).

Anyway, driverless cars are one of those things I hear about that make me think that our life is closer to The Jetsons than we ever realize. And now, Yellowstone National Park has just launched its own line of driverless shuttles to take people around the park.

Yellowstone is working with Beep, who have been making self-driving vehicles for the last couple of years. This will be the first time they bring their self-driving vehicles to a national park, and it will act as a sort of testing ground for future expansion into more parks.

There will be two shuttles at the park throughout the summer - from June 9th through July 12th in one area of the park, and then they'll change their route from July 14th through August 31st.

The shuttles won't be completely without supervision, though - Yellowstone says that there will be an attendant in the car and another car driving behind it to make sure it doesn't go off course.

Do you think you'd use one of these driverless shuttles at Yellowstone this summer?

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