When's the last time you had the whole family out of the house for some fun? If you're actually taking a second to try and figure out the answer to that question.....it's been too long. The pandemic wiped out almost any events that featured a crowd last year - but we're starting to see more and more activities pop up as the community continues to get vaccinated and we see case numbers decline. Not everybody does yet - for various reasons - but f you're at a point where you feel comfortable being out with a group, this looks like it will be a fun evening for the family and it'll help an awesome organization.

If you haven't been to Old Chicago on N. Reserve for food and drinks - let's start there - you NEED to! Great atmosphere, great food, and a fantastic selection of beverages. Regardless of if you have or haven't been before, we hope you can stop in on Tuesday for some fun with the Kickoff 2 Summer Fundraiser. Old Chicago and Watson Children's Shelter are teaming up to help kids and families in Missoula that rely on the services that Watson's provides.

Check out the flyer below for the great list of activities that are planned for this all-ages event!

Photo: Old Chicago Missoula
Photo: Old Chicago Missoula

They had me at pizza bar and beer - but even better is the fact that 20% of sales for the day will be donated to Watson Children's Shelter. It is a free event but donations are accepted to enter the carnival.

We'll be joining the party as we broadcast live from the event from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Stop by and kickoff the summer with a little food, fun, and family at Old Chicago on Tuesday. They're located at 3630 N. Reserve in Missoula.

All the information can be found on the Facebook event page HERE.

Visit Watson Children's Shelter for programs they offer and services they provide HERE.

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