Remember those old Wendy's commercials that would ask "where's the beef?"  Well, it's 2021 - and the modern day answer to the question is social media.....that's where the beef is at. Twitter is where we carry out our "beefs" and do our share of trash-talking these days. I can't say I pay attention to most of the online spats, but it was fun to see this when I was scrolling through my Twitter feed yesterday. And I'm hoping we can squeeze a bunch more back-and-forth out of this during the season for entertainment purposes!

There's a little poking and jabbing going on between the Missoula PaddleHeads and a couple of their fellow Pioneer League teams, the Rocky Mountain Vibes and Idaho Falls Chukars. I came into it a bit late in the ongoing conversations, but through my top-notch investigative skills I've pieced the trash talking timeline together with the following:

The Vibes were getting ready for opening day of the season and posted the video below. The "rap" performance says they have the best mascot, and then referring to Idaho Falls' team mascot, the video asked what a Chukar is.

I'll be honest - I had to look up what a Chukar was myself the first time I heard the name. I thought the answer would be more exciting so it was kind of a letdown to find out it was just a type of bird.

Well, after the PaddleHeads beat the Chukars on May 30, they sent out a tweet with the final score and asked the same question from the Vibes video....."what even is a chukar anyways?"

The Vibes retweeted and commented that they were wondering the same thing (as they had mentioned in their previous video.)

The Chukars added a reply to the thread where they basically sided with the Vibes and insinuated that the PaddleHeads were unoriginal and copying what the Vibes had previously posted.

The next night, May 31, after the PaddleHeads had won the previous three games against the Chukars, Idaho Falls broke out the whoopin' sticks and took it to us as they scored 22 runs. And they made sure to post some funny tweets during the game as they were piling up the runs.

You can't fault them for those posts. Those were pretty good!

Next came the Vibes latest video where they poked fun at numerous teams in the Pioneer League. They called out the PaddleHeads for stealing their line about wondering what a Chukar is, and said Missoula "lacked originality in their quest to be funny."

The ball was now in the PaddleHeads' court....oh wait, that's tennis and not baseball.....but you get what I mean. The team released an edited version of the rap video that showed what they thought about the accusation of being copy cats.

You have to like the part where they ended the video with Paxton hitting it out of the park!

We'll wrap it up with one more post here. The Vibes added another video video of their own - and that saw the PaddleHeads land a haymaker with a reference of where the Vibes were in the standings. The last jab (so far) was a bit of a low blow as the Vibes got a little personal with a direct burn on Missoula as a whole. 

I love the humor being provided by the social media accounts for the teams in the Pioneer League. There's been some fun stuff from other teams - but the PaddleHeads, Vibes, and Chukars have definitely provided the best laughs up to this point in the season! Hopefully they keep up the entertainment through the summer!

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