To quote Dead Hipster, "HOLY SHIT, WE'RE BACK." It's been a minute since you were able to shake your ass to "Groove Is In The Heart" while sweating with, and spilling drinks on your fellow Missoulians.

Missoula's iconic Dead Hipster I Love the 90s Dance Party, the first since the pandemic, is this Friday, June 11th at the Badlander. Doors are at 10 p.m. with a promise of all 90s all night! It's $5 at the door and 21+. DJs CB and BubblPop, and party photog extraordinaire, Ms. Abi Baumann capturing what post-pandemic stress relief looks like. The Badlander has installed some new features, we don't want to give too much away, but the new lighting is sick af.

If you've never been to this uplifting gathering because you've seen the amazing photos and you think it may be out of your league, as IF! Don't trip, the I Love The 90's party people are the most fun, welcoming crowd, once you've experienced the fun, you'll never miss another.

DJ CB has been spending his time running the recording studio over at the ZACC. Can't tell you how many times we've been hit up by bands looking for a space to record a demo. In 2020, it's been more podcasters than bands, looking for a room with foam walls and electricity. Or maybe you're recording your memoir, whatever the case may be, there's an affordable place for you to record at the ZACC. You can see the list of recording equipment and mics here. Get more info and book time at the ZACC here. We look forward to hearing your projects!

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