We have all been at a stop light in Missoula and the light for you has just turned green, and there are drivers still getting through the intersection. It is clear that they ran the red light but for some reason lots of people think it is still acceptable. And just because it would make the roads safer, would you be happy with these coming to Missoula?

Traffic Light Cameras as of right now are not expected in Missoula anytime soon, or at least that we know of. The reason I even bring this up is because you always hear about people driving poorly out on our Montana roadways. At the same time as tax payers we always hear about taxes going up. I just wonder if traffic light cameras could stop or slow down the tax increases, and hopefully make people pay more attention while driving.

Would you be for or against traffic light cameras making their way to Missoula, or Montana in general?


    Beautiful Big Sky View of Missoula!

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