Board Of Missoula is back! Well, it never really went anywhere, the name has just changed back after being known as Edge Of The World.

You may still own some rad t-shirts and hoodies from the "Board Of Missoula" days. I remember people asking me what the board was, and did I serve on it. Haha, well Chris Bacon is now the sole owner of the shop and has changed the name back to the beloved BOMB brand.

Chris Bacon shared the following:

    It's official! I am now the proud owner of Board Of Missoula! It's hard to believe that I have been a part of this skate/snow community since 1993 and now when people come into the shop I get to say, "Yes, I am the owner."

I have so much gratitude for Jake Barrow, who not only kept me on when he bought the shop, but helped me find my own strengths in this industry and helped to support my visions for our skate and snow scene.

So many amazing people that have helped me through this journey... I am so excited to be a continuing part of the ever amazing Missoula Community!


In other Missoula switch ups, the Carmike 12 is now the AMC Missoula 12. If you've gone to the movies lately, you may have noticed the name change on Fandango and on your printed tickets. In addition, there is now a VIP line at the theater so members don't have to wait so long for popcorn. From what I could tell, prices seem to be about the same, with the discount movies still showing in the 4 p.m. hour.

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