Twice a year, we get thrown for a loop. Montana participates in the switch from standard time to daylight saving time twice a year. "Fall back" in the Fall, and "spring forward" in the Spring. We turn our clocks back an hour in the Fall, and set them forward an hour in the Spring. All in an effort to "conserve energy." But, not all states are buying it. And states like Hawaii and Arizona have even opted out participation in the semiannual tradition.

According to TIME Magazine

States like Illinois and Michigan have considered staying on standard time year-round, while states like Florida and New Mexico have considered staying on Daylight Saving year-round.

Many people have noticed that the time change can affect sleep patterns, and it always seems to take me a week to ten days to completely get used to the change.

Montana has a bill in the State legislature, that would possibly eliminate daylight saving time, and keep Montana on mountain standard time for the entire year. But, for now we are still planning on setting our clocks ahead this upcoming Sunday. Which means, one less hour of sleep for you.

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