Best thing about New Jersey? Bruce Springsteen. Best thing about Minnesota? Prince. Best thing about Florida? Idiots in the news. Like I said, accurate.

They named Glacier National Park as the "Best Damn Thing" in Montana, saying:

If Ansel Adams somehow made a bouillon cube of all of his nature photography, it'd probably look like Glacier. The national park is like pure Big Sky distillate, a panoramic look at everything that is breathtaking about one of America's most beautiful – and isolated – states. We had a joke here. Then we remembered that time we saw mountain goats and bears and kayaked a glacial lake that looked like a liquid mirror with the Rockies in the background. Then the acid wore off and we booked a trip to Glacier to see if all that was real.

With so many things to love about Montana, it's hard to drill it down to just one. But if you have to pick one, Glacier is pretty legit.

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