Missoula has so many great places to get breakfast, you can find our list of the best breakfast places here. With so many choices, whichever one is your favorite has to say something about who you are. Are you curious about what your favorite says about you? Of course you are, that's why you clicked on this article. So let's make like an egg and get rolling... or something like that, you see what I was going for.

Paul's Pancake Parlor

Founded in 1963, Paul's Pancake Parlor is a Missoula staple. They serve 18 different styles of pancakes— I didn't even know there was that many different kinds. If Paul's Pancake Parlor is your favorite, you might be a traditionalist with a taste for a hometown aesthetic, but what's for sure is, you love pancakes.

Paradise Falls

With delicious food, a bar and around 20 televisions, it really must be paradise. Sports lovers eat at Paradise Falls, and with so many screens, they never have to miss a second of the game. "The Motherload" is a "16oz chicken fried steak with sausage gravy, three eggs, hash browns, and toast" which will probably keep your belly full the entire day.

The Breakfast Club

NO, not the OVERRATED coming-of-age, dramady from the 80's (don't be mad I called the movie overrated, be mad they turned the cool goth chick into a total prep). When I think "breakfast burrito," I think "The Breakfast Club." The breakfast burrito is great for taking with you on the go, perfect for hiking, and they'll serve you quickly, so they're the best option if you're in a hurry or if you're hangry. If The Breakfast Club is your favorite breakfast place in town, you're probably active and athletic, they even have a burrito named "The Athlete."

Veera Donuts

I won't bury the lede on this one, if Veera Donuts is your favorite you're pUnK rAwK \M/ or at the very least you're alternative in some way. They're 100% plant based, from the batter to the creamer. Fun fact: every time you eat at Veera Donuts, you get scene cred.

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