Did you want to grow up to be a police officer but things didn't quite turn out that way? Do you love the board game Clue? Can you not get enough of the CSI marathons on tv? If any of those statements are true - this might just be the thing for you. Here's your chance to get outside and have some fun with friends while taking part in a pretty cool detective adventure around Missoula. I saw this pop up on my timeline as I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and thought it looked like a pretty cool event.

The game is called "The Missoula Ripper" and the website describes it with the following:  

"Think you have what it takes to catch a serial killer? CluedUpp is an exciting, outdoor detective adventure - and it’s coming to Missoula, MT on Saturday the 18th September 2021.

The name of Jack The Ripper strikes fear into the heart of detectives across the world. Now it seems that a new Ripper is on the loose in Missoula and only you can put an end to the terror. Can your team of detectives scramble across town, solve the clues and crack the case before The Ripper strikes again?

Tickets sell out fast so grab your team place today and find The Ripper, before The Ripper finds you...."

Sounds pretty fun, right? A ticket will get you entry for a team of 2-6 players and anyone under 16 is free. Are you up to the challenge of solving the case?

Highlights from the details include:

  • 2-3 hours on average to solve the mystery
  • Compete against other teams
  • Navigate through town as you follow the clues
  • Use the smartphone app to interrogate virtual suspects and analyze evidence
  • Pause the game at anytime for bathroom breaks, to stop for lunch, etc.
  • Dress for fun

There's a list of prizes that will be awarded for best dressed, best team name, fastest to solve the case, and more.

As I write this, the website shows there's 11 tickets left (good for 2-6 people.) An offer to save 20% makes the $52 ticket just $41. It looks like it would be a great way to spend a few hours with family or friends, If you want to learn more about participating in The Missoula Ripper - check out the website HERE.

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