A while back - in the pre-COVID times - The Roxy Theater in Missoula announced that they were working on expanding, building a fourth screen with another concession stand in the building next door. Fast-forward a few months - in the post-COVID times - and The Roxy ALSO announced that they were working on an outdoor screening space, so people could see movies in a socially-distant environment.

Of course, then The Roxy announced their partnership with the Missoula Paddleheads for Centerfield Cinema every week - in which they show movies on the scoreboard at Ogren Park - and so the immediate need for the new outdoor space vanished a bit. But they were still working on it! Things have been quiet on the Roxy's expansion for a little while now, but a recent profile in the Missoulian shows that things have been moving along, that they'll be serving beer and wine, and that the set-up for the garden is similar to what's been happening at Centerfield Cinema.

Basically, there are pods set up for groups of different sizes, and they plan to sell tickets in advance online so people can avoid lines and pick their seats ahead of time. There isn't a specific timeline of when exactly they'll be open, but they're planning to have it show movies during the early fall, spring, and summer. They're calling it The Roxy Garden, and they've been sharing some photos of that AND of the Annex on social media, and both look awesome.

Are you excited to check out The Roxy Garden?

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