I've made it my goal to make it every single week of Centerfield Cinema at Ogren Park this summer. So far, so good! I've been there for Purple RainThe GooniesMean GirlsJawsMad Max: Fury Road, and Mamma Mia!, and I've already got my tickets for the rest of July, when they'll be showing Space Jam and Stop Making Sense. In a time when my favorite activity - going to the movie theater - has been unable to happen, The Roxy and the Paddleheads have made this a welcome refuge for me this summer.

It helps that they keep picking pretty terrific movies, too. We already knew that Back to the Future and Jurassic Park would be playing there next month, but now we've filled out the rest of August with two more classics.

When Centerfield Cinema was first announced, they mentioned that they wanted to include at least one baseball movie in the mix - and they ended up picking one of the best ever, with 1992's A League of Their Own on August 6th!

And the other announcement will see fans having the time of their lives (and owing it all to you) with Dirty Dancing. scheduled for August 20th. If I don't see any fans attempting to do the lift in their own socially-distanced squares, I'll be severely disappointed.

So there you have it - A League of Their OwnBack to the FutureDirty Dancing, and Jurassic Park. You can get details on every movie at the Roxy's website, and you'll be able to buy tickets at gopaddleheads.com.

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