Who has time to go out of their way to do such stupid shit, I often ask myself this when I hear about these stories of hate. I don't get it. And this person didn't even do a good job with his hate project. His rock could have used a lot more color and precision, some nice paints maybe.

Some sack of crap and complete waste of skin and bones vandalized the Fox Club over the weekend. Their surveillance camera caught the act, but you can't really see the person's face, so the footage is basically useless. What you can see is the criminal throwing a rock through one of the south windows of the club, and upon inspection, it wasn't just some rock they picked up in the parking lot.

The rock was reportedly covered in swastikas and had the words "all women need 2 be beat" written in Sharpie. There are some theories that the misogynist is actually a woman, a drunk toddler, or a person whose dancer girlfriend told them to piss off. We'll probably never know who it was, unless Missoula's gossip scene does it's best work and the word gets out about this coward. Meanwhile, the person is being absolutely fried on The Fox Club's Facebook page. 

The Fox Club is still closed due to the pandemic, their staff is truly amazing and they want to keep their dancers, customers and community safe. You can bet one of the most legendary parties in recent history will go down once they re-open their doors.

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