Oh 2020, a year when you can write "mask assault" in a headline and everyone knows the article is going to involve at least one idiot. In this episode of Pandemic Madness, a business in Kalispell is receiving terrible reviews after the owner allegedly assaulted a mother of two in public.

According to several eye witnesses, the owner of a catering and desserts business in Kalispell was recently shopping at Smith's when she felt it was her duty to be the Mask Police and approach a family whose adult female was not wearing a face covering. (See below for her post where she admits that she is 'confused' and insists that the state designated her a mask enforcer.) Apparently, a verbal exchange resulted in the caterer smacking this woman across the face in front of the children. Way to maintain social distancing, Montana State Mask Enforcer (by the way, this woman isn't even from here.) You gotta wonder if this smacker is as traumatized by her current ratings on Facebook, as these kids are by witnessing the assault.

People are not OK right now, I hope this aggro woman can get the help she needs to get her head straight. In 2020, you just never know when somebody will attack you verbally or physically over masks, who you support politically, or whether or not you believe that the coronavirus is real. It's shocking and gross.

Please, be safe, wear a mask in public, do your best to set a good example for your kids, and if you feel like you're gonna snap, reach out to a trusted friend. Definitely don't assault anyone, stranger or not, you could find yourself behind bars and nobody wants that. Chill. Goosfraba. (Do I get any kind of coupon or pat on the back for not calling anyone "Karen" in this article?)


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