Is this year moving fast for anyone else? Wow, we're already wrapping up finals week, and you know what that means— Missoula, Montana is now the party capital of Montana the country the whole, wide WORLD, not just for students, but for other locals too. The end of finals week does add a good deal of spice to the vibe right now, but there's something unique about this time of year besides academic accomplishments. In Missoula, our long, cold winter also bleeds pretty far into our spring, so when the weather does start to turn around, I think Missoulians appreciate more than people from other places. By late July I there might be some longing for fall, but at this point I think we're all just looking forward to everything that warm weather has to offer. And how do we celebrate this welcomed change in climate? If you're a local, you already know... we get down in Zootown, or in other words, we party.

Missoulians know how to party, and when the mood strikes us we can booze it up at a few great bars downtown, and by "a few" I actually mean "a lot." In that area it seems like you can't stroll through a single block without passing like, 40 bars. Which one is best depends on what you're looking for. A bougie vibe or a laidback vibe? Entertainment or just conversation? I'll give you the barroom breakdown you could only get from a Zootown local, now I'll quit monkeying around and get to it below:

Where the Locals Go: Here's the Scoop on Missoula's Downtown Bars

Missoula is a drinking town and our downtown bars prove it

Living in Missoula? What Your Shoe Choices Say by Looking at Them

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