On Friday, Missoula police made an arrest after a report came in that a man had been robbed while sitting with his wife at a Missoula bus stop.

“A 51-year-old male reported that during the early morning hours, between one and two a.m., he had been assaulted by a male generally assaulting him with fists about the face, head and body," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "The man suffered some soft tissue injury and also reported that the suspect had taken cash and alcohol from him.”

The man and his wife were apparently planning on sleeping at the bus stop, it turns out neither the victim nor the suspect has a Missoula residence.

“It appears that the suspect, who has since been identified as Jim Whitegrass is originally from Polson and he is being held on a charge of robbery, as far as I know the victim and his wife are homeless,” Welsh said.

The victim says he knew Whitegrass, who is only 36-years-old, before the attack.

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