Last week we shared the results of a survey about how many gallons of beer Montanans consume between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. Over the holiday period, we put away enough beer to fill 66 Olympic-sized swimming pools! With each pool holding 660,000 gallons of water we're talking about over 43 million gallons of beer being consumed. Pretty wild!

It's the most wonderful boozy time of the year!

Here's another fun survey that shares details of just how much we all love our alcohol at this time of year. This one was done by and it shows that the holidays are definitely when we do a little extra tipping 'em back.

The average Montanan consumes 30% of their overall alcohol intake for the entire year during the end-of-year holiday season, beginning on Thanksgiving (compared to a national average of 29%). To put it another way, almost one-third of Montanans' overall alcohol consumption for the year happens in just a six-week period.

Does that number seem about right?

I guess when I stop and think about it for a second, I would fall into the category of people that drink a little more during the holidays. How about you? It just seems like there are so many reasons and added opportunities to grab a beverage. We have office parties, Christmas parties with friends, an endless amount of college football bowl games, having to deal with family, the stress of money during the season, etc. I guess it all makes sense, even if 30% of our overall intake for the year seems like a pretty crazy number.

What do you think? Do you definitely see your alcohol consumption increase around the holidays? Well, as they say, 'tis the season!

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