Does your alcohol consumption go up when the holidays come around? Spiked eggnog is always a Christmas treat, and around our place, we always end up with those Hot buttered rum mixtures from the grocery store. Plus, it's always a good time of year if you're a fan of seasonal beers. And speaking of beer, we in Montana do our fair share of tipping back the cold ones during the holidays.

That's an interesting way to think about how much we drink

I feel like this happens to all of us every once in a while. You're just going about your business and thinking your random thoughts when you start to wonder just how many Olympic-sized swimming pools we could fill with the amount of beer Montanans drink between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. Well, boy do I have good news for you if you've been waiting for somebody to come up with an answer to that question. The folks at put in the work to find out the gallons of beer consumed in each state over the holidays.

Dang! We do some damage when it comes to drinking beer!

Here's your fun fact for the day - an Olympic-sized swimming pool holds 660,000 gallons of water. That's pretty crazy in its own right! But here's the kicker - we would fill up 66 of those pools with the amount of beer Montanans consume over the festive season! No need to pull out the calculator as I already ran the number, that's 43,560,000 gallons of beer during the holidays! That seems like a massive number but because Montana's population is so small it's actually pretty crazy that 35 states have a higher number than us. Think about this, California could fill 936 of those same pools with the total gallons of beer they consume!

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But we get bragging rights in the end

Even though Montana's number is on the lower end when it comes to total consumption, we're actually #1 on the list when you look at the average gallons of beer consumed per person during the holidays. We're one of only three states that have an average above 10 gallons per person, and the actual number is 12.2.

Well, we all learned a little something today

If nothing else I feel like you now have a fun conversation piece to use during your family gatherings for the holidays. And it would only be fitting if you discussed the info as you sip on a delicious holiday beer. Cheers!

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