It's been a bit of a rough stretch for restaurants in Missoula (and across the country) when it comes to having enough staff. There was a story last week about the Top Hat closing to give employees a day of rest - and also letting it be known that they're looking to hire. Another place in town that's had staffing issues of their own is Buffalo Wild Wings. I'm not sure what their current schedule is - but there was a time that they were closed on Mondays. Check that, I just called over to BWW and they're still closed on Mondays, TFN.

Well, whatever their schedule may be moving forward, the next time you're at B-Dubs you'll have to check out the minor facelift the restaurant has recently undergone.

A post on Facebook says: "Same sauces. New look. The paint has dried and the games are on in Missoula! Stop in today to check out our new state-of-the-art design that includes flexible seating areas and plenty of TVs to pull up a front row seat to your favorite game. We also added 10 more taps, including local craft beers from Big Sky, Draughtworks, Highlander, Bayern and Kettlehouse!"

At the start of that news I was like "meh, some new seating......I'll keep that in mind for whenever it is I visit next." But then at the part where there's 10 extra taps featuring local beers - my thoughts turned to "hmmm, dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings sounds like a good plan ASAP!"

A couple comments on Facebook had people giving their approval - both for the idea of change as well as the finished product:

- We're here now and the dining room is so much brighter! It's beautiful in here!

- This is awesome. I'm excited for your business, upgrades are always necessary. New chair's and booths were a must.. considering some were tearing. Excited to see it!

Meanwhile, one person was just concerned about bringing back a fan favorite:

- Did you go back to your original coleslaw?

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