Zootown Arts Community Center (The ZACC) has started a new series called the "Social Distance Sessions." This is a way for you to get your concert fix from the comfort of your own home, and this weekend, your living room may turn into a mosh pit as the featured band is MASS FM.

MASS FM are Chris Baumann (Dead Hipster/Black National Recordings) on bass, Chris Bacon on synth/keyboards/backing vocals, guitarist/lead vocalist Doug Smith (Volumen) and drummer Dreamer Weindgardt. They describe their sound as post punk/alternative psych rock and they are a blast to watch on stage, a ton of talent. In fact, Alt Press recently named MASS FM the "best unsigned band in Montana."

The Social Distance Sessions are a partnership between the ZACC and MCAT - which I believe they are now calling Missoula Community Media Resource, which doesn't fit the acronym, but isn't that very Missoula of us - to bring a live stream production to their YouTube channels and Facebook pages each weekend. You can catch the MASS FM show this Saturday, August 22nd starting at 7:30 p.m. HERE. And please give what you see fit HERE, The ZACC pays out 70% of all funds raised to performers, or a charity of their choice.

And don't miss MASS FM's keyboardist Chris Bacon in action every Saturday at noon on Alt 101.5 for an hour of hand picked tunes to shred to!

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