We cannot disagree! Lemme tell you something about Alt Press. They are legit, they have been a staple for music news since 1985 when they were an actual magazine. Alt Press covers a lot of my favorite Alt bands and so many musical misfits and unknown artists that you always discover something new with them. It's not just one of these crappy click bait websites with a bunch of writers who don't actually know anything about music, like I said, super legit.

That's why it's so exciting that Alt Press has declared Missoula's own MASS FM the best unsigned band in Montana! MASS FM are Chris Baumann (Dead Hipster/Black National Recordings) on bass, Chris Bacon on synth/keyboards/backing vocals, guitarist/lead vocalist Doug Smith (Volumen) and drummer Dreamer Weindgardt. They describe their sound as post punk/alternative psych rock and they are a blast to watch on stage, a ton of talent. Check out what Alt Press had to say about 'em.

MASS FM offer a post-rock core that’s similar to Say Anything and Cursive, with psychedelic overtones from the occasional synthesizer and special effect. Strong grooves and emotive vocals drive this Missoula band. Their 2019 EP, What Will Divide Us Is Love, shows off their unique sound, opening with “Spooned-Out Man,” which is an interesting sonic journey in its own right as it’s driven by punky guitars and synth accents.

I'd also like to direct you to Spokane's The Nixon Rodeo, who were named best unsigned Washington band. They are a four piece with "soaring, melodic vocals, thrashy breakdowns and snarling scream sections" and definitely worth checking out.

Chris Bacon of MASS FM (and Board of Missoula) hosts Alt 101.5's Shred List every Saturday at noon, when he hand picks an hour of music he likes to listen to while he skates. Chris Baumann is now running the recording studio at the ZACC. Good dudes who make great music, stoked to see them get some national recognition!

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