I have had a though season for fishing. Things started off okay, even with the whole COVID crap trying to interfere. Early spring though May, I wasn't doing so bad. I even had a day good enough to warrant a fish fry. But, since, it has been slim pickings. At not for a lack of trying either. I have had volunteers at the AIS check stations point out that I have drug my crappy little boat a bunch of miles this summer. But, still not much to show for it.

To put it this way, I have been trying so hard to catch fish, that I have been struggling to catch a "buzz." When your beer is ice cold in the cooler, but you are too busy steering the trolling motor, or un-tangling line to enjoy an adult beverage. It is frustrating. And the beer usually calm the nerves, when the fish are not biting. Thankfully there is a new product that allows you to fish and drink at the same time.

Presenting the Chill-N-Reel. A revolutionary new product that takes a insulated beer "coozie" and attaches a spool for fishing line.

According to the official Chill-N-Reel website

The Chill-N-Reel lets you go fishing without putting your drink down! It's a hand-line fishing reel on the side of an insulated drink holder, and was invented by Jake Rutledge, an Oklahoma firefighter, while on vacation in Destin, Florida.

The Chill-N-Reel is easy to to use at just about any age. Simply pitch the line (with bait on the hook) in the water with the logo-side facing away from you and your favorite beverage in the drink insulator, wait, tug when you get a bite, and hand-reel with your fish on! It's that easy!

Now, regardless of how good or bad the fishing is. I know I won't have to put down my beer to fish. Unless it is big enough for the net.

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