You know who people dislike even more than maskholes who purposely cough on other people in public? A thief. And we totally get why this particular thief would want to steal such an amazing piece of original art, obsession with your favorite bands and artists is real, we get it. But the rightful owners of this painting must have it back.

Veera Donuts is a magical place, not just because their donuts are genuinely one of most delectable things you will ever put in your mouth (and I'm not a vegan, they are just SO good, one of my fave once-in-a-while treats,) but because they are playing killer music any time you walk in there. Old school Sabbath, Tool, Primus, White Zombie, all the great bands. Their donuts are even named after our fave artists/bands/songs. And their decor is in sync with the entire vibe, with paintings incorporating bands and donuts.

Over the weekend, their Ozzy donut paining was snatched right off their wall, and that's just not how we roll here in Missoula. So we're thinking it was a tourist, or if it is a local, a person who had a quick lapse in judgement and desperately wants to return the painting but doesn't know how. If you know who has this painting, please let them know they can return it to us, no questions asked, we don't even need to know their name. We can just meet up to grab it and forget it ever happened. Or, they can bring it right back to Veera. No matter how it gets back to Veera, it just needs to be returned today. Don't be an ass, anybody who sees this at your place will know you stole it, so you may as well give it back. Thank you in advance!

The painting was done by Jules Muck, who had done some truly incredible work for a lot of our favorite bands, check her out on IG @muckrock.


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