On Sunday, June 6th, there was a car crash in Rathdrum, Idaho and a dog was ejected in the collision. He's a 2-year-old Border Collie named Tilly and news outlets in Idaho, along with Facebook users, began to distribute his photo in hopes that somebody would find him wandering down the highway or maybe scared and hiding in a garage or shred.

Tilly's family had been driving a GMC Yukon and the back window shattered during the collision, spilling the dog out on to the highway. His owners reported that he didn't seem injured, just shocked, and that's when he took off at about noon on Sunday.

Two days later on Tuesday, June 8th, just as the heartbroken family was giving up hope, something strange was happening at the Potter Family Farm just south of Rathdrum. The family noticed their Border Collie was acting a bit off, and his coat seemed darker somehow. They decided this was not their dog just as a local deputy was driving by looking for Tilly. The crash happened just about a mile and a half from their farm, so they were familiar with the story, and let the deputy know that they were pretty sure Tilly had been at their farm herding sheep.

Tilly was back home on Tuesday, to the great delight of his family. In all of the coverage I have seen on this story, my favorite was his owner quoting to the Spokesman-Review that the first thing Tilly did was drink from their toilet, which he's never done before. Just goes to show ya that two days of sheep herding will make a dude thirsty!

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