This past weekend, I took advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk through downtown Missoula just to get out of the house for a little bit. And no matter how many times I've driven by or walked through, I still can't get used to seeing that part of town so empty during the day, when there's normally so much going on.

And of course, the first Friday of the month is always First Friday in Missoula, with lots of different places downtown participating... and if you think a little thing like a pandemic is going to stop that, you've underestimated Missoula!

First Friday is going online this week with a special Facebook Live event hosted by ARTS Missoula! Here's the info from their Facebook event page:

Streaming Facebook Live Event: May 1, 5-6 PM

WE KNOW YOU MISS IT! The First Friday in May is normally hopping in Downtown Missoula. The return of spring weather lifts our spirits and gets us out on the town, ready to soak in the sunshine, the art, and each other. We know we can't have quite that experience this May, as we can't party in person safely, so we're bringing the art to you online!

We hope to recreate some of the magic of First Friday through a Facebook Live Event -- streaming from 5-6 PM on Friday, May 1 -- featuring many of our most beloved arts institutions and their May exhibitions and happenings.

Then keep your eyes on our social media for the First Friday after-party, running until 8 PM after the live event!

Think this will recapture some of the old First Friday magic while we wait to gather in groups again? Will you be checking this out?

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