Since I started living in Missoula in 2018, I've attended countless concerts at The Wilma - I live pretty close by so I'm able to walk there whenever I need to, and there have been so many incredible and varied artists there in the past few years like George Thorogood, Melissa Etheridge, Reel Big Fish, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Cold War Kids, Gogol Bordello, Todd Rundgren, Colin Hay, and more. We've been missing concerts for so long, but now that Logjam Presents is finally starting to announce some outdoor concerts at the Kettlehouse Amphitheater, hopefully it's just a matter of time before we start hearing about some stuff for The Wilma too.

The Wilma has a ton of history behind it, which makes sense because it's been around for so long. Did you know that this year is actually the 100th anniversary of The Wilma opening for the first time? To celebrate that fact, Logjam is inviting people to check out their First Friday Art Show, which will be at The Wilma on May 7th from 5 PM to 8 PM.

It's a totally free event and all ages are welcome to check it out. The show will feature concert concert screen prints and poster art from Pumpernickel Stewart, plus a slideshow will be running featuring old photographs and fun facts detailing the history of The Wilma. Logjam's also asking that if you've got any kind of old Wilma memorabilia you'd be willing to showcase, take a photo of it and email it to them or tag them on social media.

This is a pretty cool idea! Hopefully they're able to do more this year to commemorate the 100th anniversary, too - and fingers crossed for indoor concerts returning sometime in the fall?

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