With the U of M cancelling May graduation ceremonies due to COVID-19 concerns, it's got our local high school seniors and their families wondering about the fate of their own graduations. MCPS has said there's a "strong likelihood" that school closures will extend until at least April 27th, from the current April 10th date. MCPS also released the following COVID-19 update on Friday, April 3rd, regarding graduation.

Our High School Principals met with our district leadership this week to discuss our options for this year’s graduation ceremonies. We are working on three possible scenarios:

  1. Continue graduations ceremonies as scheduled if school is in session and group gathering restrictions are lifted
  2. Postpone the ceremonies to a date later this summer
  3. Host a virtual graduation ceremony

We recognize the significance of the graduation ceremony and the importance of this opportunity for all students.  Ideally, an in-person ceremony would be the best option, but we do need to plan for other options if we are unable to gather as a large group.  We have encouraged principals to talk with their student body leaders for feedback on these options as well as other ideas. We will share updates as soon as we know more.

It's already a very difficult time for seniors as they are missing significant times and dates, like ACT testing and the final few weeks of time with friends before everyone leaves for college. As for ACT testing, here's what MCPS sent.

Earlier this week there was news released earlier this week about the state waiving all standardized testing requirements. We know that many of our high school families are concerned about student access to take the ACT test. Today an announcement was made about three dates in October-November of 2020 for members of the class of 2021 to take the ACT test. MCPS will determine which date we will schedule as our free, optional, school-based test day. This will be a paper only test and the scores should be available in time for college application deadlines. If families want to schedule a summer date for their student to complete the test, they certainly can, however the cost will be the family's responsibility.  For more information about scheduling please see ACT.org


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