When times were simpler, and live music could be enjoyed by the masses, the scene was chock-full of collaborations and covers. However, as years go by, many seminal live moments have been lost to pre-recorded studio versions or sealed in late-night television time capsules on YouTube. However, one super fun cover that we have all seemed to have forgotten about was when Fall Out Boy covered Panic! At The Disco's classic, "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies."

According to a few buried clips on the internet, Fall Out Boy began covering the emo anthem in 2006 at their concerts as an entertaining crossover made solely to spark joy in their fans.

To make matters even better, Fall Out Boy knocked their rendition of the Panic! classic out of the park. Between a stellar vocal feat from Patrick Stump and high-energy deliverance from the band — as well as the crowd — the performance could easily pass as one from Panic! themselves. While the band only cover the song through the first chorus before barreling into "Sugar We're Going Down," it still withstands the test of time, representing emo camaraderie in one of its purest forms — live music.

While it is hard to pinpoint exactly when Fall Out Boy began covering "I Write Sins, Not tragedies," the earliest clip we could find is from a secret show in their home city of Chicago in May 2006.

According to other video recordings, the band then occasionally delivered the first few lines of the song at select live shows through 2008.

Fast-forward to just three years ago, Panic! At The Disco appear to have returned the favor in a fun April Fools Day prank at March Madness Music Festival in 2016. While the band only cover the first line of "Sugar We're Going Down," Urie delivers it with a fun touch of irony. You can check that out below.

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