Oh, where do they get all that energy, right? This could be a chance to let them creatively burn off some of it.

The University of Montana Dance Program will be offering children's dance classes for kids ages 3 and-a-half to 10. Classes will be at UM's Performing Arts Radio/Television Center. Classes run from January 17 till April 11, with a March spring break in between. Classes are broken up by age groups and usually only run 30-45 minutes for each age group. All classes start are in the late afternoon hours.

Based on the premise that children love to move (I think that's a good premise), creative movement classes capitalize on children's natural jumping, twisting, spinning and leaping. Kids will also be exposed to the elements of dance and basic movement patterns.

These dance programs serve as an excellent introduction to dance for all children. Even children who have never danced before can benefit from the course in multiple ways. Who knows, maybe this is an opportunity to unlock some hidden talents in your kiddos. You can lost more information and registration material here.  Dance on, young ones!


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