Saturday, December 29, the birds will be counted! The Stevensville Christmas Bird Count is in its 54th year and you can still come on out and help. You don't need extensive experience; just be ready to listen and look and have some patience. The new bird counters are teamed up with experienced viewers. Dave Lockman reports that the Stevensville count found 13,017 birds of 82 different species last year. The Stevensville Ranger Station is at the north end of Main Street.

Lockman writes: "Field observers will meet in the basement conference room of the Stevensville Ranger Station between 7:30 and 7:45 AM to form small teams and get area assignments. Birders who live in the Count Circle (anywhere within 7.5 miles of the Ranger Station) don't have to come to the ranger station at the early hour, but can get up at their leisure and count the birds on their property. Both types of counters are critical to a successful count. You don’t have to spend all day counting birds, any time you have is helpful." Deb Goslin will be running the count this year. Contact her at 214- 7879 or for more information.

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