Lady Gaga blew fans away with the opening of her "Enigma" residency in Las Vegas on Friday.

In addition to performing some of her own hits, including "Shallow" from A Star is Born, Gaga debuted a cover of David Bowie's hit "I'm Afraid of Americans." The song stunned and surprised fans, who took to Twitter to praise the Grammy Award winner.

"I haven't been the biggest fan of Gaga's last few years, but the fact that she's covering late-period David Bowie live might be enough to win me back," one user tweeted.


"So here's video footage I didn't expect to see today: Lady Gaga covering David Bowie's 'I'm Afraid of Americans,'" a third wrote.

Her "Enigma" performance marks the first time Gaga, 32, attempted a song off Bowie's Earthling on stage. She previously performed a tribute to the late musician at the Grammy's in 2016, shortly after his death. She was critiqued by Bowie's don, Duncan Jones, for being "overexcited, irrational and mentally confused."

Gaga was hurt by the critique, as she considers Bowie her "greatest inspiration." She told NME at the time, "I did my very best to put together something that I hoped would be the showstopper of the night."

"All I wanted was for when the Grammys were over, for people to talk of nothing but David Bowie, and I think I achieved that," she said.

The musician-actress's Bowie cover wasn't all fans were talking about following her show-stopping "Enigma" opening. Many were desperate to get out to see the show, and based on the reviews it just may be worth the trip.

"Watching videos from @ladygaga #Enigma show in Vegas and it looks so siiiiiick I can't wait to go," a Gaga fan tweeted, along with a crying emoji.

Another asked, "@ladygaga can we please get an Enigma DVD/ recording?"

Gaga performed songs from A Star is Born, Born This Way and other popular albums she's released throughout her career. Some of the older hits she performed included "The Fame," "The Edge of Glory" and "Government Hooker."

"Enigma" is set to remain in Las Vegas until Nov. 8, 2019. Tickets are still available.

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