Our warmer temperatures have slowly faded away over the last month. We went from the 90's......into the 70's......and starting this week our days are simply filled with the memories of nicer weather that won't be seen again for some time. I know not everybody wears a frown when it comes to the colder weather moving in. Anybody that loves to ski and snowboard is loving it right about now as the countdown to the mountain season is on.

If you love shreddin' the wicked powder - I think that's a ski term...I'm not sure - then you might be interested to see that two Montana spots just got a little love and recognition. Follow Me Away just put out a list of 15 Epic Places To Go Skiing In The USA and they put the spotlight on Snowbowl and Big Sky.

Here's what they had to say about both spots:

Are you looking for a skiing challenge? Then Montana’s hidden gem, Snowbowl, might be the ski stop for you. At only 12 miles away from the historic town of Missoula, this awesome place to go skiing is a great stop on any Montana road trip.

Snowbowl boasts some seriously steep slopes, including a 2600 feet vertical drop! The reasonable price of the lift passes (starting at $49 for adults) as well as the nearby economical hotels make it an appealing spot for advanced skiers.

If a rustic lodge is more your speed, try staying at the quaint Gelandesprung Lodge at the base of the mountain. It has some of the most affordable accommodations of any ski resort in America.

Hate crowded ski resorts? Then Big Sky is the place for you! Located only an hour outside Yellowstone in Montana, Big Sky prides itself on its minimal wait time and congestion thanks to its over 5,000 skiable acres to spread out on as well as its quick and efficient 36 lifts (7 of which are high speed).

If you want some serious skiing, their notable 4366 feet vertical drop might be the challenge you’re craving. Their dining options are the perfect way to end a long day on the slopes, with a side assortment ranging from sushi to pizza to a three course dinner in a yurt on the side of the mountain. You’ll love this favorite American ski resort!

Alright, get out and have your fun, skiers. Enjoy your winter weather as the rest of us start the countdown to spring!

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