It's October! It's Spooky Season! Halloween is coming up, and all the fun, creepy stuff that we love about the year is... well, it's different, because of COVID. But there's still stuff going on! Southgate Mall looks to be going ahead with their annual Candy Crawl this year, and the Field of Screams in Victor is back open for business.

Thrillist recently looked at the whole country, and attempted to figure out the creepiest place to visit in every state in the US. So what did they end up choosing for Montana?

That would be the Fairweather Inn located in Virginia City. Here's what they had to say about it:

If you’ve ever been borderline homicidal because the kids in the next hotel room won’t shut the hell up, steer clear of the Fairweather Inn. The lone hotel in this former gold-mining town is said to be haunted by the ghosts of children who get into all manner of shenanigans. They move your luggage, turn the lights on and off, and generally annoy the bejeezus out of you. 

I mean, yeah, that does sound pretty creepy! They also mention The Bonanza Inn in the same city, which is now closed, but was supposedly haunted by the ghost of an old nun. So, if you feel like spending the night in an abandoned hotel haunted by a nun, there's an option for you right there.

Have you ever been to the Fairweather Inn? Have you seen any of the spooky stuff there? Or would you rather just stay home and watch The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix to get your scary thrills?

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