If ever there was a year that you needed some weed beer, this is it. Pabst Blue Ribbon has released their new hard seltzer that has zero alcohol and 5 milligrams of THC. Pabst Blue Ribbon Original Cannabis Infused Seltzer is $24 for a 4-pack, so around 6 bucks per can of lemon flavored sparkling water.

Missoula's Orange Street Food Farm sells a LOT of PBR, in fact, they make it on to the world top sellers list often. Unfortunately, they won't be able to carry the new THC PBR because you can't just go around selling weed wherever you want in Montana, well, legally anyway. So for now, PBR Cannabis Infused Seltzer will only be sold in California dispensaries. However, if you're headed to Cali anytime soon, let us know how it tates!

PBR has really been branching out in the past few years, they've got the 8% hard seltzer, which definitely DOES have alcohol in it, I'm told the taste is better than White Claw, though I've never tasted either. PBR also has the hard coffee drink, which I've heard great things about, the non-alcoholic beer, which I haven't heard any reviews on, and they even have a whiskey. And remember the simple times of 2019 when all we wanted to find for the holidays was a 7-foot, 99-pack of PBR? Now all we want before the holidays is a COVID-19 vaccine. Which brings us back to why we need a solid THC drink in the first place!

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