Last year, Missoula's beloved pub and restaurant The Old Post took everyone by surprise when they announced that they were closing down for good. Regulars and loyal customers rushed over to get one last drink before they shut down, and then, that was it. Things were pretty unclear regarding what was going to happen to the location for the future - but now, it seems, we finally have an answer.

The Old Post is reopening under new ownership, keeping the same name, but updating its look a little bit. Before it closed down, The Old Post was known for its rustic look - the building was originally built in the 1920s. Now, it's going to be a little more modern, paying tribute to the old look but bringing it into the 21st century.

Building owner Tim France went into detail about the new version of The Old Post with KPAX, and described some of the struggles they were having with the health department. It sounds like once they give their approval, the restaurant will be able to open.

The new owner of the business, Kimberly Deschene, is also a local jazz musician, and France believes that music will play a big part of the new place, and that she'll be able to bring in a ton of local artists to perform.

So, if you've been missing The Old Post since they closed down back in October of last year, here's an option that you can check out - it sounds like it'll be similar to the experience of the old place, but just different enough to carve out its own identity. Will you be stopping by the New Old Post?

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