It was just over a year ago that Missoula's Old Post very suddenly closed down after over 20 years in business. It was a surprise to a lot of people, and it wasn't quite clear what happened, but it was assumed that a new business would be taking over their spot in the near future.

And then, another surprise was in store - The Old Post would keep its name, and instead return under new ownership, with a more modern look and a renewed emphasis on live, local music. It was back in September that we first reported that The Old Post was returning, and now, it's official: The Old Post is BACK... for takeout and delivery, because we're still in a pandemic.

They made the announcement on Facebook the other day:

They've posted their menu online and have posted a few more times since with delicious-looking pictures of some of their highlights (including a milkshake that I very much need in my life immediately). There's no word yet on when they might open for in-person dining or what the restrictions might be when they do, but it's good that they're finally able to get out there and start spreading the word that they're back.

Did you ever stop by The Old Post in its original form? Are you excited to check out this new version of an old Missoula favorite? Does that menu make you as hungry for burgers as it does for me? Let us know what you think of the new place by messaging the ZOO FM app!

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